Artist's Statment

            I am drawn to the beauty of nature and every day objects—the way the sun lights up a single leaf, snow gentles the lip of a terra cotta urn, the sky lowers itself  into a silver bowl of sea, how a trick of light can transform the bright white slats of a picket fence into a dazzling road disappearing into infinity. Capturing the transience of such moments in a photograph has been my challenge and my satisfaction for over forty years.

            Perhaps even more than a specific subject, I am beguiled by light; in particular, the diffused softness of early morning, a fleeting corridor between day and night, and the dark chiaroscuro of late afternoon, darkness creeping in like a bruise or a child’s finger painting. That which is dull and flat one moment and transformed the next by the mercurial nature of light constantly amazes me. Incandescent and never to be experienced again, I often wait for hours for these small “illuminations.”

           I find myself attracted to ruins and old buildings, the texture of the brick, a crumbling wall, the shine of water still running through its veins, a shred of wallpaper revealed by the wreckers ball, an abandoned mannequin, hollow-eyed and glassy, bright shutters like make up on ancient skin. Each edifice offers its story to the archeology of light and shadow sifting among the bones and I wait for its soul to emerge, as real to me as any human face. A trick of light reveals the telling scar, a curl of paint, a charred beam, a passing cloud give a turret window the glitter of  a ghostly eye, a dazzle of sun lights up a centuries old secret. Always I wonder what the history of the scene is, what happened here? Preservationist in spirit, my aim is to chronicle the still pulsing life around me.

            Inspired and influenced by the masterworks of Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Wynn Bullock, Ansel Adams, Ray Metzker and John Sexton among others, I’ve studied photography at the University of Hartford with Steve Nestler and with John Sexton in Carmel Valley, Ca. Working with a Hasselblad and processing all my black and white photographs in my darkroom, I have shown my work in New England, The Baker Street Gallery in Media, Pa,  the Promenade Show in Cape May, NJ, various venues in Philadelphia, The Performing Arts Center, Cape May Courthouse, NJ, The Ugly Mug, Cape May , NJ, The Phillips Mill Photographic Exhibition, New Hope, Pa,  The Prickly Pear Gallery, Cape May, NJ, The Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts/Noyes Museum In Focus Exhibit, Millville, NJ, Second Place Award, Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts Associate Artist Exhibit, and the ICONS Exhibit Media, PA. I am now working primarily with digital prints in color as well as black and white.

I am on the Board of The Cape May County Art League, and active with the NJ Film Festival.

-Tom Singleton